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Book's Purpose    Purpose of the Book
Chapter 1             Agitate, Agitate, Agitate

Chapter 2             10.0 on the Richter Scale 

Chapter 3             Here, There and Everywhere 

Chapter 4             The Third Person of the Godhead 

Chapter 5             Life, Original, Unborrowed, Underived 

Chapter 6             Let the Pioneers Speak about the Trinity 

Chapter 7             Let the Pioneers Speak about the Father 

Chapter 8             Let the Pioneers Speak about the Son of God 

Chapter 9             Let the Pioneers Speak about God's Spirit 

Chapter 10           The Alpha of Deadly Heresies 

Chapter 11           The Omega of Apostasy 

Chapter 12           Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel 

Chapter 13           Trinitarian No-Quotes - 1 Through 4 

Chapter 14           Trinitarian No-Quotes - 5 Through 8

Chapter 15-A       Does Matthew 28:19 Have Added Text?

Chapter 15-B       Was 1 John 5:7 Added to the Bible? 

Chapter 16           The Shaking: What it Means and the Cause

Chapter 17           The Seal and the Mark: The Correct Version 

Chapter 18           Come, Let Us Reason Together  
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